Venus Flytrap (Carnivora)

Dionaea muscipula


Venus Flytrap; Carnivora;


Carnivora contains no pyrogenes, endotoxins or cytotoxins. The immune-supporting nutrient substances in Carnivora include: Droserone Hydroplumbagin-4-O-B-glucopyranoside (the first time in the world literature) Diomuscinon Diomuscipulon Flavon glycosides: Quercetin and Myricetin Gallus acid derivates Arginin Aspargin acid L-Thyreonin L-Glutamin acid Glycin L-Alanin L-Cystein L-Histidin Proteases Lipopolysaccharides (paramune inducer) Phyto hormones


Discovered by Dr. Helmut Keller in the seventies, in Germany, the product Carnivora derives from the digestive juices of the Venus Flytrap plant. In studying the plant, the Doctor believed that its juices discerned between the regular DNA of its own matter and "primitive" cells, or those which are invader species. The digestive properties which digested insects in the Flytrap became a study with regard to an immune-strengthening quality which, in turn, was defined as capable of killing cancer cells through perceiving cancer cell DNA as foreign to the organism.

Carnivora is now produced and marketed as an alternative, or complementary nutritional cancer therapy.



treatment of chronic diseases, including most forms of cancer, ulcerative colitis, multiple sclerosis, all types of herpes infection, chronic arthritis and almost any immune deficiency, including AIDS.


Carnivora can be safely ingested and at low concentrations will produce the immune system supportive response noted by researches and immune system monitors.

Carnivora supports macrophage production and activity; including lymphocytes and the phagocytosis of granulocytes Investigation of Carnivora supports the immune-stimulating effects of the napthochinones which resemble those of photobol esters, known inducers of granulocytes.


 The optimal intake is one 125 microgram capsule take three times daily. The safety of Carnivora is substantiated through subacute (90 day) oral toxicity studies, negative mutagenicity and genotoxicity test results.

 Carnivora does not assist cancer patients with leukemic tumors.

Paramune inducers

Available from Free Patents Online: United States Patent 6805870

Multipotent paramunity inducers are described which are based on combinations of poxvirus components derived from various poxviruses with paramunizing properties and which have been improved in terms of their potency and their paramunization-related activities as compared with the known paramunity inducers.
The invention also relates to a method for preparing these multipotent paramunity inducers and to their use as drugs.

*Paramune Inducer

When an antigen non-specific is responsible for creating paramunity, in conjunction with the provision of antigen specifics which create auto immunity.

This is loosely defined by an available clip derived from Google Patents. Please link to the clip,shown below, made available from a patent paramune inducer, US 6,805,870 B1.
At present, I cannot find the terms paramunizing, or paramune defined succinctly in any Med Dictionary Online, or in my 1971 nursing dictionary.


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