When a friend lent to me a book on nutritional healing, including discourses on both actual pharmaceuticals and the supplementary altenatives (foods, herbals,vitamins,etc) I had just finished discovering that Periwinkle vine offers a highly important medecine to the world;  that is, Vincristine, a powerful cancer-fighting medicine. Naturally, I turned to the cancer section in the large book, and found something I had not read of before. Within the wealth of information as to correct diet and vitamin supplements, I found that Doctors may use a type of cancer-fighting agent which is an alternative medecine,or supplementary to various types of cancer treatment. This treatment is called Carnivora, and its essence comes from the bog plant, Venus Flytrap (Dionaea muscipula).

The Discovery

Carnivora as an agent neatly kills intruder DNA, when it encounters cancer in the human system. Carnivora producer, Helmut Keller, MD Medical Director of Carnivora Research, Inc . of Nordhalben, Germany has established a market in the US for this medicine.

In the products' site, Kellers' introductory essay offers a startling discovery- that human beings have an actual 1.5 kilograms (which is 3.3 pounds, or a cell count totalling 1012) of immune competent cells. He describes his invention as a nutritional support for the bodys' immunity, offering Carnivora as the best type of nutritional protective agents. The Venus Flytrap plant provides a phytonutrient juice which becomes a supplement that "mimics the bodys' own defense agents". Using this nutrient also "supports a stronger immune reaction".

Everyone has seen the bizarre Venus Flytrap , whether from within a childhood classroom in a terrarium, perhaps,or on some Discovery Channel program or its equivalent. On the Internet, I found a good likeness of the plant in a rather delightful site from South America,called . The website has many thumbnails of moving plant photos, which expand two ways, either through a magnifier or to a large still. Clicking into these will show you an imaginative array of interesting species.....count to sixth down on the right hand side of the page which opens for you (available through Google)<./p>

      As you will have seen from the plants' glimmering moisture, the Venus Flytrap has many hairs on its' flower, each of which ooze a viscous liquid which both attracts and glues small insects onto its body. As the interested insect reaches into the well of the strange, almost toothed floral head of the plant, a hair-trigger snaps its jaw shut and begins to devour the insect.

Doctor Kellers' discovery was made when he realized that the digestive fluids within the meat-eating plant did not destroy the plant organism, and therefore contained some form of discriminatory sensing for the plants' DNA structuring. He concluded that this plant had an advanced immune mechanism, and, within his study, found that the plant would only digest and destroy primitive cells.

Undifferentiated, undeveloped cells are also those cells which are harmful bacteria or fungal sporing, also human cells which overproduce due to stressing like pollutants or fatigue.The immune system fights these, and Venus Flytrap (Carnivora) strengthens the immune feature which expunges invader or "primitive" cells. 

His scientific application,(a discovery he made in 1973) is best described through clicking into the link below:

Producers' Feature Article

Good Links in site.

Carnivora Article. Conclusion: Carnivora inhibits tumor growth by blocking proteinkinases, inhibiting angioneogenesis, and by stimulating immune response.

 Helmut Keller, MD Medical Director of Carnivora Research, Inc. Nordhalben, Germany

Carnivora Images

A truly delightful discovery: A movie of how a Venus Flytrap closes upon a touch to its sensors:

 On Googles' excellent image cache, available through clicking "images" above the Search box on the home page, one may also find another good image of Venus Flytrap.

On the same page, there are items listed which have cancer fighting properties, for instance ,Squalene, or shark cartilage,or  cranberry juice. Just click the carnivora image for an expanded view.

CAM and Pharmacists

For a pharmacists' perspective on items deemed to be supplementary or alternative there is interesting reading in an August 1998 editorial in Pharmacy Practice News : The New York State Council of Health-System Pharmacists.

In a preamble, the author states that the term "alternative medicine " is used far more often in the United States than the equally descriptive term, "complementary medicine", used by the rest of the world. Fond of obscurities, science synthesized the two terms, producing "CAM" for a catchword for both complementary or alternative medicine.

Five Clinical "Spectra" Defining Alternative Medicine

1) therapeutic goals range from symptom control to cure;
2) A broad range targets heavy medical problems, holistic therapies, and everything else
3) Ranges from home remedies to sophisticated, manufactured products 
4) "Prescription" can come from non to highly skilled practitioners.
5) Can be highly effective, moderately so, or even have deleterious effects.


Stats: Who visits alternative practitioners

US: (1990) 34% of Americans: COST:$13.7 billion (from Pharmacy Practice News)

Canada: (1997) 42 % of Canadians (from Canadian HIV/AIDS Legal network)

US Study: Percentage of cancer patients using these methods varied from 6.4% in the South Atlantic to 14.7% in the Rocky Mountains.

 Results from studies conducted in other countries have revealed similar usage rates. In both the United States and Britain, patients using CAM are more likely to be female, younger, and of higher social status.

 Pharmacists re: Alternative Medicine:

The OAM (Office of Alternative Medicine) classifies alternative therapies by grouping them into one of the following seven categories:
1) diet and nutrition,
2) mind-body techniques,
3) bioelectromagnetics
4) alternative systems of medical practice (traditional and folk remedies)
5) pharmacological and biologic treatments
6) manual healing methods
7) herbal medicine.


No:1:Therapy used is macrobiotic diet started by George Osawa.<

No:2: Mind/Body meditation and biofeedback techniques
No: 3: Bio-Electric Magnetism /studies on power lines
No: 4:Traditional and Folk remedies (ie Ayurvedic or Chinese herbal + acupuncture)
No: 5:Pharmacological and Biologic treatments largely available outside US.
No:6:Immunoaugmentative Therapy (IAT) was the postdoctoral development of  Lawrence Burton, Ph.D., in the early 1970ís.His theory is that cancer occurs when there is an imbalance in four serum proteins responsible for immunologic surveillance.(14) suggesting that this imbalance can promote cancer. The individual proteins proposed to be involved are referred to as "tumor-blocking factor," "deblocking protein," "tumor antibody," and "tumor complement." Burtonís therapy is based on balancing these protein components to restore normal immune function. Considered effective in treating mesothelioma and that treatment failures are due to an unresponsive immune system caused by prior conventional treatment. (15) Declining use, not popular. 
No: 7:  Antineoplastins . Probably the best known pharmacologic therapy today was developed by Stanislaw Burzynski, M.D. of the Burzynski Research Institute who, in 1970 isolated a series of peptides he termed "antineoplastons" from human urine that were later produced synthetically. His study group claim that these peptides are part of a biochemical defense system that inhibits the growth of cancer.Study closed in 1995
No: 8: Shark Cartilage: theory: Cartilage is avascular and contains components that inhibit angiogenesis, which is necessary for tumor vascularization. In theory, treating cancer patients with shark cartilage blocks blood supply to the tumor and inhibits growth.17 Bovine cartilage is also under study. OAM studies halted because the shark cartilage was considered to be too contaminated for study.
No: 9:Cancell  is another biologic remedy which claims to deprive cancer cells of their ability to obtain energy, causing them to revert to their primitive state, which causes cell death. FDA investigations have revealed that cancell is composed of common chemicals - including inositol, nitric acid, sodium sulfite, potassium hydroxide, sulfuric acid, and catechol - and that no basis for its effectiveness against cancer exists.Also considerd to be adulterated. 
No: 10:Metabolic Therapies , eg Gersonís regimen - a diet rich in fresh fruits and vegetables supplemented with calf liver juice, vitamins and minerals, taken with other interventions including thyroid extract, castor oil enemas and coffee enemas to detoxify the liver.
No: 11: Manual Healing Methods touch to relieve congestion
No: 12: Herbal medecine use reflects a need for friendship with health practitioners,and a growing distrust for pharmaceuticals.

Some Herbal Cancer therapies:

Carnivora : Carnivora is derived from the venus flytrap, a plant found in such places as the wet pinelands and bays of North and South Carolina.According to itís proponents, carnivora works to therapeutically shrink solid tumors, but does not help with the liquid tumors (i.e. leukemias) . It is believed to work best in patients naive to chemotherapy or radiation. In non-controlled study of 210 cancer patients who had failed conventional treatments and were given 50-60 drops of Carnivora orally five times a day plus one injection, 16% showed tumor regression and 40% had no further tumor progression.27 Carnivora can be administered as drops orally, by inhalation or by injection. The dosage, frequency and route of administration of carnivora varies depending on the stage and type of cancer.Taken orally, Carnivora can produce nausea or vomiting. When given via injection, it can produce a temporary increase in body temperature.

And others:

Astragalus , Catís Claw, Chapparal,  Echinacea,  Essiac,  Flor-essence,  Hoxsey Herbal Treatment, Iscador, Kombucha tea, Laetrile,  Milk Thistle,  Pau DíArco, Pycnogenol,and  Shiitake Mushrooms

Look for a full description in Pharmacy Practice News editorial:

 Further bibliographic information on herbal products is available on the NIH website at
.60 Interest Links + more on site Herb Research Foundation:
American Botanical Association:
Center for Alternative Medicine Research in Cancer:
Cancer Web:

References 1-57 on site, (editorial). Pharmacy Practice News August 1998:11 in: The New York State Council of Health-System Pharmacists. These pages are copyrighted 1996-2003

Interest Sites

"The Insider " :

Why FDA must regulate hebal remedies through Dietary Supplement and Health Education Act (DSHEA) a youth dies of muscle-building remedy containing ephedra .

Health Canada Announces New Legislation and Guidelines for Medical MJ Use   .

Index Marijuana News: A Marijuana Growers Magazine

 Article on Canadian Legislation and Herbal Industry
Note: AIDS study update: Marijuana can be used to alleviate severe pain, nausea, persistent muscle spasms, seizures and loss of appetite. It's particularly useful to AIDS sufferers, those undergoing chemotherapy and those with chronic pain.   

Canadian HIV/AIDS Legal network

Why women live longer: Canadian stats on alternative remedies use......" In a recent study involving 49 people with HIV/AIDS in British Columbia who use at least one complementary therapy, none of the participants perceived CAM as a cure for HIV infection. Rather they emphasized the benefits to their immune system (81 percent), of lowering their viral load (58 percent), and the general health benefits associated with taking an active role in oneís own health care, and that they used CAM to manage symptoms of HIV disease, the side effects of antiretroviral drugs, substance addiction, hepatitis, and depression (Interestingly, 21 percent expected complementary medicine to provide a cure for their HIV disease, an unusual finding that seems at odds with the bulk of the research data Ė including Canadian data Ė showing this is not an expectation on the part of many people with HIV/AIDS. It should also be noted that this finding dates back to 1993, before the introduction of protease inhibitors in 1995-96.)

 [80] Anderson et al, supra, note 63. See also Manfredi R, Chiodo F. The effects of alternative treatments for HIV disease on recommended pharmacological regimens. International Journal of Antimicrobial Agents 2000; 13: 281-285; de Visser R et al. Alternative or complementary: nonallopathic therapies for HIV/AIDS.

What you have faith in: Where you live..

Journal of Alternative Therapies in Health & Medicine 2000; 6: 44-52.

users: alternative therapies provided non-addictive forms of improving well-being.

First Nation and alternative care:

In the First Nation communities, health means balance and harmony within, and among the four aspects of human nature (physical, mental, emotional spiritual). Over-focusing on any one aspect upsets the balance of the four.[94]

[94] National Indian & Inuit Community Health Representatives Organization. Coping with HIV/AIDS in Aboriginal Communities: A 1998 Resource Manual. NICCHRO, 1998, at 69. Health Management Aboriginal Canada

(" For symptom management, it is more common for an herbalist to treat persons with HIV/AIDS. Examples include horseradish to promote appetite, or blackberries and raspberries to prevent diarrhea. For spiritual and general well-being, the services of medicine persons are usually used (following the accepted protocol for approaching such persons) and ceremonies may be carried out: examples include sweat lodges and pipe ceremonies."

 1-104 References The Alder Group Inc. ...promoting health and innovation

© Copyright, 2000. The Canadian HIV/AIDS Legal Network

Interest Links: Images,Images,Images.
protected species
  Flytrap Cyber Art
suggested species
  venus flytrap seeds"Venus Fly Trap"

Malen Pierson Logan, Utah With a love for metal and the earth, Malen creates his whimsical works using found metal scraps.
     close up of trigger hairs in Venus Flytrap
   Mosses, orchids, rare plants  fractal venus flytrap
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  venus flytrap gifts/puppet
  hallowe'en outfit
  everything about the botanical structure. See Venus Flytrap epidermis close up. 
AIDS, As Well!!  

 "In Germany, a pharmaceutical extract of Venusí Flytrap is used in the treatment of chronic diseases, including most forms of cancer, ulcerative colitis, multiple sclerosis, all types of herpes infection, chronic arthritis and almost any immune deficiency, including AIDS"

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