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FEBRUARY Seduction

Essential Oils and Love


Everyone senses that aromatic candles are relaxing and essentially, beautiful and spiritual.
When two lovers get together, soft light, beautiful, subtle scent and romantic music offer a secret, personalized atmosphere.

Below, a list of essential oils from a source book "Essential Aromatherapy" by Carol McGilvery and Jimi Reed offer some guidelines for seduction with scent.


Share a romantic bath by candlelight.
Though some men dislike geranium scent in the tub, add the relaxing, cleanly qualities of rose-geranium essential oil to several scents: rosemary, sharp, powerful lemongrass, and a drop of lavender.

I mix mine with non-scented Castile glycerine liquid soap and the scent is like Irish Spring.
Lavender is supposed to be an anaphrodisiac( the opposite of a love-potion!) but when men wear lavender in their cologne, nothing can stop me from being seduced and stimulated.
Employ your compassionate sensibilities in offering sensual or essential massage ( try working gently on uper thighs and the backs of the knees rather than hitting the erotic zones right away, ) Orange oil is extremely nice worked into lower tummy and breast tissue. Your male mate won't object to the scent. NEVER use grapefruit oil on genitals or underarms. Brrr! It burns!!

Recipe for "Irish Spring" scent soap:

Just mix oil drops with a pint container of unscented vegetable glycerine liquid soap.
One may find supplies in a Health Food Store. Shake the ingredients together. Delightful.



"Subtlety is the key to the art of seduction"

Rule #1: Clary sage is slightly intoxicating, but too much will inhibit sex drive.

Rule #2: NEVER EVER use giant gallons of patchouli. I like to add patchouli to wax, and then to glaze flowered candles with it. Patchouli is deep scent. Sometimes an aromatherapy candle is enough.

Rule #3: "Ylang-Ylang is helpful for impotence or frigidity." Always explore the wondrous possibilities in natural stimulants, but also ALWAYS ask for concerned medical advice. There are invariably medical foundations to sensory inhibition.

Rule #4: In our fairy-tale, chiffon glamour world - our stud always brings us roses on Valentines Day? If he forgot or bought a giant purple onion flower, rose is an exquisite scent to spray around the baseboards..Use Aromatherapy Essential oil, or rose water from the IDA, or your local pharmacy.

Dropping either 15 drops of rose essential or an inch of rosewater into a floral spray container, top with 1 1/2 cups of warm water. Spray fully around the room onto baseboards. This readily inhibits crawlies from entering and hence enhances your "blossed" bed and "divine troth".I tell insects that the rose side is my side. Elsewhere it is their side.

Don't forget that rose can make your eyes feel like crying so don't stick it liberally near your faces.

If you massage with oils,orange oil with rose used on the feet and hands is very powerful and beautiful, and if you have massaged hands with it wash them before foreplay.

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