Sculletaria laterifolia


Scutellaria Galericulata, Sculletaria laterifolia,Mad-Dog Weed,Madweed,Blue Pimpernell, Hoodwort, Helmetflower, Mad-Dog Scullcap, Hootwort, Side-flowering Scullcap, skjolddrager Family.


The plants' name is sometimes spelled s k ullcap, because of the notion that its deep royal blue or pink hooded flowers are somewhat skull-shaped, but it is more often spelled s c u llcap.

The folk name of Mad - Dog weed or Mad-Dog came from the use of Scullcap for Rabies. In history it was thought to be a cure for rabies, but, actually, it has an anti-spasmodic property, and so calmed down the rabies people were more often stricken with in history.

It might be a good idea here to match the idea of a mild amount of tincture of Scullcap (Mad Dog?) to a recipe for Blue water in which I had actually used Vipers' Bugloss, which is so effective in my peach-mint (cosmetic wash) mask invention.

I actually made my peach mask when my skin was irritated out of its wits, and I was very sure I had dragged through gravel in a spill underground. I had also received something like guano from the high wires in Don Mills, Ontario, such that I had to hear the telephone exchange whining boringly on for three days, all day and all night.

 I also had a fear of water from the exaggerated noise that ensued when I tried to bathe.

My nails kept giving me that chalk-board feeling, and I imagined myself developing nails and long gray hair over my eyebrows! So I tried to formulize a soothant, and my combination was really quite a success.

I am not suggesting my homemade lotion as a cure for rabies, but as an extractive principle which will alleviate  its conditions.
I gave the recipe for this to a Doctor a while ago.


Scutellarin,fixed oil, essential oils,flavonoids


insomnia,nervous tension,neurasthenia, PMS, anticonvulsant, sedative, Zoster (shingles),calmative smoke, nerve pain


Use of scullcap in the amounts listed above is generally safe. However, scullcap use during pregnancy and breast-feeding should be avoided due to limited information about its safety. Cases of liver damage have been reported in association with the intake of scullcap. when the herb product contains Germander(Teucrium chamaedrys).

Link to David L. Hoffmann re: tea preparation for Zoster:



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