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Fruition! About My Publications.

Meeting Ananda Bodhi - Heavenly Enlightenment!

book front cover, Meeting Ananda Bodhi

                I am proud to present my first print publication

Meeting Ananda Bodhi - Heavenly Enlightenment.

     Herbs by Northdays Image is a site that I have dedicated to alternative medicine.

For ten years, now, I have worked on the graphics and format for practice in web design, as well as enjoyably researching herbs and their capabilities.

This sort of work has been my volunteer effort, and my gift to society. I truly care about natural medicine and about good health.
I am a publisher, albeit one of those little people whose works, when published on the net, are just handy research tools to millions of people.

I could try dividing the cost of producing this for seven years by one million to claim that I have donated a half penny of my thoughts to one millon people, but, instead, I thought that I would let you know that I have not been idle, otherwise.

Comparative Religion

I have spent three years writing, formatting and editing my work in comparative religion and mysticism, and I am very proud to have completed to the point of having a commodity that will not be disrespected as a freebee!
The world of spiritual endeavour has been a source of fascination to me since I was about fifteen.

I actually spent time studying Theology in university as well.
Although I would never call myself an expert, I have travelled into the world of mysticism and I have seen the sights and danced into silken bliss, like many religious explorers.

I hope that you will feel some interest in viewing this work- it is published with a company that lets you read it on the net, if you need larger text, as well as in standard paperback form.

Easy Reader

Acrobat Reader lets you see the text up to 3200 times greater than the size 11 text that the book is published in!!

If you would like to see the book page on, click the word lulu, or click upon the book title, and peruse my first work.

If you explore the books' pages on, you will be amazed to see that this brilliant website (an award winner) lets you see both front and back cover in a fairly large size- so you know a little about what you are purchasing, if you have the interest! I love it, and them!!!

This work, and the beautiful person to whom it is dedicated, (Ananda Bodhi, whose name meant Heavenly Enlightenment) are my delight!

Ananda Bodhi

Ananda Bodhi was an enlightenment master who went out of way to represent and to demonstrate open-mindedness,lovingkindness, and to work with our eager psyches as students.

Anandas' work established centres for worship and study all over the world, and both Eastern and Western studies in religion were represented in this teaching.

My work is a sort of thank you note in appreciation of this remarkable teachers' efforts, and it is also openly in favour of interfaith exploration and worship.

Perhaps in the golden days of our lovely autumn months, worship, gratefulness and devotion will be as fulfilled for you, as is the bounteous nature of our ripened world. I wish to you that sense of contentedness.
That feeling of fruition is present in my work- a strong urge to share because of fullness and ripeness and gratefulness.

Where Can I Buy This?

By the way, I noticed several free downloadable works offered by authors publishing with Lulu. Happy hunting!

Do you love photography?

From December Column 2007

Deep Purple

Cover of Deep Purple, by Susan Risk

When I chose images for my little photo arts book, I found that my heritage quest and the explorations that I have made in Eastern North America matched up with some of the themes and discoveries that I have mentioned in my work, Meeting Ananda Bodhi - Heavenly Enlightenment.

More than a few images spoke to me, and in depth, about the profound history behind the religions of Christianity, Judaism, and even Wicca!

Perhaps you understand the micro photonic images in plants, or, like me, you can see where pigment or gem has come from, and what history it has been made to portray. Most of my images are made for meditative spirits like you.

If you want, you can see some of the pages from my first few proof works, which I've posted on
Link to the Deep Purple album

My first education was as a Material Artist, majoring in Metal Arts. Work over 45 years has sensitized my vision to understanding earth, and strolling through its mysteries and messages.

I hope that you will love these images the way that I do.

Deep Purple started with a little photo essay I made for my website, Herbs by Northdays Image. Although some of my herb study shows in the book, the name Deep Purple expresses a love of the spiritual in all things. My theme name comes from an early 20th century music score, and song, by that name.

Can I Purchase This Book?

My journey made me a pop-up mini-Publisher (albeit of my own work) and I am publishing my book, Deep Purple, under the name "Natural Light". It has a Canadian ISBN number, although it can be obtained from the book manufacturer, Lulu, an US firm.

You can find my work on, either in the books' description page, or on my Lulu storefront.
LINK TO: Deep Purple, to view the book description.

Or, you might like to read and to contribute to my online blog for publications.

LINK HERE TO: Sue Risks Publications Blog, at

Bye for now, Sue



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