Leonurinidas cardiaca


There are several species around the world, L.Sibiricus, L. Glauscesens, L. Demenitus and L. heterophyllus.


The European species, L. Cardiaca , was once  commonly grown in herb gardens. It has been used for birthing, menstruation, bronchitis, diarrhorea , asthma and rheumatism.
Benedictine monks picked the top buds of the plant and boiled them in wine, to offer releif from the pain of childbirth.


tannic acid;essential oil; an alkaloid ; leonurinine ; glucosides ; a bitter principle , leonurine. The combined action is sedative.


Now considered beneficial in the treatment of amenorrhea and dysmenorrhea, and specifically of use in the treatment of tachycardia. My 1973 book tells me it may be used for anxiety, and it can be used homeopathically. Internet holds many avenues in newer research, for instance, one study of the methadione and other constituents mentioned that Motherwort can inhibit and reduce some breast tumors, however, it can excacerbate the condition of other types of breast tumor. Other texts will say it is also useful in  alleviating or preventing the prolapse of organs, very useful for labour pains.

Motherwort Uses

Birthing pains, Menstrual cramps, heart tonic, alleviating womens' prolapse, vermifuge.

stimulating tea blend which may particularly stimulate pancreatic action favourably* There is an idea that its tonic purpose can be useful for diabetics.

Contra -indications :

May cause dermatitis.( Pick it with gloves on.)Note well that "by the drop" means the above remedy is very strong and can cause drowsiness even by the drop.

*Other Herbal Alternatives (and/or preventive care) for Diabetics

While a few sites may hint at the possible effectiveness of Motherwort as helpful to those suffering from diabetes mellites, here are links , which offer a perspective on natural source tonics, some of which are used for diabetes prevention or maintenance. Note that some links are directly in association with  actual pharmaceuticals, like brands Metformin hydrochloride or (Glucophage), while supplementary information cites a natural herb as producing the same substance and effect as in the synthetic metformin. A nutitionist advises that though Goats Rue (a natural herb traditionally used for diabetes or hypoglycemia) offers the same effect, it is more dangerous to use..

herb sources:
excellent list of natural-source diabetes management from nutritionist:

  1. bitter melon
  2. fenugreek
  3. Gurmar
  4. Gymnema sylvestre leaf
  5. Goats Rue
  6. Bilberry (high dose can be fatal)
  7. Ginseng
  8. Nopal Cactus    (in use in Mexico regularly as treatment)
  9. Garlic and Onions

Much advice on iatrogenic disorders and dosages/ METFORMIN:  
The Mylan Brand of METFORMIN HYDROCHLORIDE Tablets is a generic alternative to GlucophageŽ.* The following information is designed to answer questions you may have about The Mylan Brand of METFORMIN HYDROCHLORIDE and generic pharmaceuticals

GLYCEMIC CONTROL:       The newer medications for type 2 diabetes have been termed "antihyperglycemics," because they improve glycemic control without raising plasma insulin levels (Table 1). Compared with the "hypoglycemic" sulfonylureas, these agents are much less likely to cause hypoglycemic symptoms.

Types of pharmaceutical available to diabetics: 

metformin       (newest oral dose medicine for Diabetes 2)
insulin pump
insulin shots



From : The Encyclopaedia of Herbs and Herbalism.      Edited by Malcolm Stuart.


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