Mentha piperita


Family: Labiatae, Latin name: Mentha piperita ,M. piperita ,Peppermint, Mint, Pfefferminze, spearmint, brandy mint,chocolate mint,Hortela, Menta, Mentha Montana, Menthe,Heirba buena


 Peppermint is a hybrid of water mint and spearmint and was first cultivated near London in 1750. Peppermint grows almost everywhere. The two main cultivated forms are the black mint, which has violet-colored leaves and stems and a relatively high oil content, and the white mint, which has pure green leaves and a milder taste. Confectioners call it "chocolate mint".


Phytochemicals Include: 1,8-cineole, Acetaldehyde, Acetic-acid, Alpha-amorphene, Alpha-cadinene, Alpha-carotene, Alpha-copaene, Alpha-gurjunene, Alpha-pinene, Alpha-terpinene, Alpha-terpineol, Alpha-thujone, Alpha-tocopherol, Aluminum, Amyl-alcohol, Amyl-valerate, Anethole, Azulene, Benzoic-acid, Beta-betulenol, Beta-carotene , Beta-caryophyllene, Beta-copaene, Beta-ionone, Beta-pinene, Beta-thujone, Beta-ylangene , Betaine, Bicycloelemene, Bisabolene, Cadinene, Calcium, Camphene, Carvacrol, Carveol, Carveol-acetate, Carvone, Caryophyllene-oxide, Cedrene, Cedrol, Choline, Chromium, Cineole, Cinerol, Cinnamic-acid-methyl-ester, Cis-piperitol, Cis-roseoxide, Cis-sabinol, Citronellol, Cobalt, Cryptone, Flavons Hymenoxin, Iron, Isoamyl-phenylacetate, Isobutyric-acid, Isomenthol, Isomenthol-acetate, Isomenthone, Isomenthyl-acetate, Isopulegol-acetate, Isorhoifolin, Isovaleraldehyde, Isovaleric-acid, Isovaleric-acid-n-octyl-ester, Jasmone, Lavandulol, Ledol , Limonene, Linalool, Luteolin, Magnesium, Manganese, Menthol, Menthone, Menthoside, Menthyl-acetate, Menthyl-isovalerate, Menthyl-valerate, Myrcene, Myrtenol, Neoisomenthol-acetate, Neomenthol, Neomenthone, Neomenthyl-acetate, Nerolidol, Nevadensin, Niacin, Octan-3-ol, P-cymene, P-cymol, Pectin, Pent-cis-2-en-1-ol, Perillyl-alcohol, Phellandrene, Phenylethanols, Phenyl-propyl-pyridines, Phosphorus, Pinene, Piperitenone, Piperitone, Piperitone-oxide, Potassium, Protein, Pulegone, Pyridine, Riboflavin, Rosmarinic-acid, Rutin, Sabinene, Sabinene-acetate, Sabinene-hydrate, Salvigenin, Selenium, Sideritoflavone, Silicon, Terpinolene, Thiamin, Thymol, Tin, Trans-piperitol, Trans-roseoxide, Vanillin, Viridiflorol , Xanthomicrol, Zinc


stimulant, tonic, vermifuge, antispasmodic, diaphoretic, stomachic, carminative, antiviral, antifungal, antibacterial, choleretic , flatulence, antiseptic properties, indigestion, nausea,dysentery, anti-diarrhoeal agent,prevents bowel cramping.sore throats, colds and toothache, diffusive stimulant,  carminative, stomachic,irritable bowel syndrome, intestinal colic, gallstones, external analgesic and nasal decongestant, anodyne,diuretic, palpitation of the heart,mental exhaustion,fatigue,reduce chills, reduce fever,tension headache relief,migraine. smoking herb.cosmetics,candies,toothpaste,tooth whitener,herb teas, including zoster treatments.

Essential Peppermint Oil

topically, for pain of rheumatism or tendonitis.Refreshing in foot lotion.

Boiled in milk and drunk hot, Peppermint herb is good for abdominal pains.

Tea Infusion: make a tea a strong as you wish of the dried herb, sugar and milk may be added if desired.


Boil leaves from ten stems in a large pot as a gingery soup base fro vegetable soup.


having mint or minted gum when travelling is always a wake-up and a refreshment, besides coping with motion sickness somewhat.


CAUTION : It is recommended you discuss the use of Peppermint with your Herbalist or pharmacist.Do not use Oil of Peppermint directly on groin or underarms, since it will cause a burning discomfort.

"Aromatherapy is not a substitute for medical diagnosis or treatment. If you have a health condition, consult your physician. If you are pregnant or breast-feeding, consult your doctor before using any aromatherapy products. Do not take essential oils internally. Keep essential oils and all aromatherapy products out of the reach of children".


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