Marrygold !

Some fun I had on Hallowe'en night of 2001..

 Psychic Spell with Calendula

Fill a small purple bag (or a piece of cloth that you can put herbs in and tie it up with as many of the following herbs as possible:)

Mugwort ,Acacia ,Honeysuckle, Peppermint ,Rosemary, Thyme, Yarrow,Cloves,Dandelion ,Lilac ,Lavender, Calendula, Rose, Lemon Balm

Open the Third Eye, for Love! (LINK BELOW)

From the mystical pages of  3rd Eye Spells


Pour herbs in bag (or in middle of cloth) and tie up. With a dark violet marker draw an eye on the bag. Rub the bag on your third eye (forehead) when divinating. Sleep with your bag under your pillow every night.

I have seen utter white magic worked with the healing powers of Calendula, but I have also been aware of the deepest and most violent of black witches who was in love with her Calendula to the point of madness. The account of marigold fields is so chilling that I dare not repeat the tale as it was demon-strated to me.

Only healing, wealth, happiness, love and wisdom will be in the spells and potions this site might provide. Above, a blithe, general spell for clear vision and consciousness is a warning to be conscious as the darkness and mystery of October days become defined by frost which separates those golden, fertile days of Harvest and wealth from the hardness and coolness to come, as well as the Day of the Dead, All Saints' Eve, or Hallowe'en.

Below, a potion to drive pain and swelling from the joints and limbs.

There is still time to make it; Calendulais a hardy flower which will bloom into December, even in Ontario.

Calendula Remedy for Tendonitis

Pick one cup of fresh Calendula flowers. Wash these well, and cover them completely with almond or canola oil in a tightly corked bottle or jar. Leave the jar sparkling in the sunshine for three days. When the oil is full of sunshine, pour all ingredients into a clean saucepan, and boil the flowers in the oil (on a low temperature) until they turn a soft brown-beige. The scent will be beautiful! Strain the crisped petals out and your oil will be a rich golden-yellow.

When I made the original potion from a floral calendar, its manufacture was very simple, comprised of Calendula petals or flowers (fresh) and almond or canola oil. I experimented and added to this in different ways, and found a very soothing and practically healing combination.

My Calendula Oil drove away clams and newts which had stuck in a spur onto my kneecap, resulting in an excruciating case of tendonitis, red,swollen knees, and tearful pain all day. it is easy to prepare, and so refined compared to commercial preparations.

This remedy works well by itself for both pain and swelling and a satisfying complexion softener. I added three ingredients in combination to my oil for painful swelling, with wonderful results:
Add one tablespoonful of St.Johns' Wort Oil plus twenty drops of Rosemary Essential Oil (Aromatherapy) and mix. The pleasant oil will be a non-burning type of penetrating "deep-heat" rub for those unpleasant cold-aches of the Fall and Winter.


Instead of Rosemary, I have also added twenty drops of Peppermint Essential Oil (Aromatherapy) and found that the peppermint in itself was even more soothing for the aches and twinges in my limbs or neck.


Sprinkle dried bits of Calendula under the bed. Makes all dreams come true and protects the sleeper.

To return a lost lover, you could try this Be Mine Bath Spell: Free Witchcraft


Healing Bliss Rescue Salve:

There are many practical measures you can take, and this does not have to be by the light of a blue moon at midnight!!


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