Common Fig: Ficus carica


fig, L. moraceae, N.O.Urticaceae,Attic Figs,Sycamore Fig, Ficus sycamorous.


Figs were eaten by the ancient hebrews, greeks, Romans, and became a symbol of peace and plenty according to the Scriptures.

The best figs flourished in Caria, in Asia Minor, hence the name.

Cultivation in Central Europe was instrumented by Charlemagne in the ninth century.

They grow wild in most mediterranean countries.

Fig is an official plant in the British Pharmacopeia.

Pliny: noted figs were a great percentage of slaves' diet. A fig is actually a fruit and a flower, being a hollow bag filled with flowers which, being held within come to ripen as seeds. These are considered one- seeded fruits. Their position within is called "inflorescence".

Pliny called fig Wine 'Sycites'.


grape (invert) sugar, gum, sucrose, dextrose is 50% of the fig.


laxative (mild) from saccharine juice,nutritive,constipation, ancient poultice for boils and ulcers, used with purgatives like Senna.Br>
jams, food, coffee flavouring, home made wine, childrens' "Syrup of Figs', Elixir of Figs, Sweet Essence of Figs,Compound Syrup of Figs

milky fluid of fresh stalk used for wart removal, stems and leaves used to raise blisters, ( of rhubarb and figs, compound spirit of orange, and Senna),

roasted and split, used as emollient poultices for gumboils, dental abscesses and "other circumscribed** maturating* tumours".

Contra -Indications

Actually, there are no hazards, unless you eat too many figs. Figs can be a quiet and excellent laxative. Laxative is always taken in moderation.


* Maturation is described in "Encyclopaedia and Dictionary of Medicine, Nursing and Allied Health" as:

1. The stage or process of attaining maximal development;attainment of maximal intellectual and emotional development. In biology, a process of cell division during which the number of chromosomes in the germ cell is reduced to one half the number characteristic of the species.2. The formation of pus.
** "circumscribed" ser"kum-skribd) bounded or limited;confined to a limited space.

There are quite a few classifications for tumours in this Dictionary. I feel that it would be safe to say that when there is a limited-size boil or abscess having come to a pus filled head, that the half fig remedy is for drawing the boil.
Since these are agonizing and not to be fooled around with, keep some Black Mission Figs in your household for such an emergency, boil them on medium heat for five minutes, and use while as warm as possible if you have no immediate means which will relieve you through actual physicians' care.

Heat, even a face cloth or cottonball soaked in boiling water and applied frequently can easily draw boils and some cysts, even killing the infection.

I had a long witch cyst on my chin once, and could never rid myself of the bitchen blemish. A Doctor told me to use hot water on a cloth,and to hold it onto the blemish. I got rid of it in three days, never to return. So a warmed fig might make a benign, useful poultice.

Actually, I boil figs until resized and then soak them over their little heads in Brandy. Half a brandied hot fig might not be a bad idea, either. I prefer them with creme custard!




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