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January Notes



Stay alive and well toward the Spring!
Especially during the boring months of February to April, our area is grey, icy and just plain dull. When I started this article, I was, to be sure, a bit busy, but, on the other hand, I was just plain depressed this January. Actually, I was too depressed to write an article, and I don't know where my notes for this is, anyway.
I meant to make sure to remind you to refer to the article on Calcium ,since it has good notes, links and references on Vitamin D, an important combination (Calcium Plus D) to help prevent depression (S.A.D. - that is, Seasonal Affective Disorder) during the less sunny short days of these winter months.
Less sunshine means less Vitamin D, and you still need those important fruits- oranges and tangerines especially, juices, butterfat (a great excuse to pig out; Butter contains a lot of Vitamin D, and of course this comes in combination with the Calcium that milk contains.
I was on a low cholesterol diet, and, because I do not eat any meats, which contain a lot of cholesterol, but I modified my intake over the last couple of years, when I found out about Vitamin D in combination. I use available whole milk yoghurt, and sour cream every two months or so for cooking. as for butter, most of it gets served to guests in baked goods, and I just don't buy it past February at all. Past holiday season, I try not to buy it, personally, but to cheer yourself up, try making a nice, comfortable carbohydrate treat every once in a while - like cookies made with brown sugar and butter. I like mine with butterscotch chips, and, I suppose, it is not exactly health food.
The great thing during Winter months is that we can obtain a wonderful array of fresh fruits and terrifically generous amounts of nuts. Add Cranberries and Almonds or Walnuts to everything. I imagine that everyone knows how beneficial Cranberry juice or the fresh berries are, but they might not know a small trick I learned way back in the days of Adele Davis and her work, Diet for a Small Planet. I learned, then, that Almonds help prevent cancer. Someone told me: "You've heard that an apple a day keeps the doctor away? Well, remember this: 'An ALMOND a day keeps the Doctor away!'"
I have quoted this remedy to myself for at least forty years, and I eat a lot of almond products, along with other marvellous nuts and their butters or sweets (like Halvah). I also read a legthy article about walnuts. it seems that peoplein an area of Russia were living, sometimes, until the age fo 115. Apparently, they made walnut butter, instead of using dairy butter for their bread. The area was rich with nut orchards.
Nuts break down bad cholesterol, so do not hesitate, if you are making those munchyola butterscotch chip butter cookies, to add a good half cup or more of chopped walnuts. Walnuts will reduce cholesterol and work for your hearts' health. Balance yourself out, at least!

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