Cinquefoil Potentilla anserina


Cinquefoil Potentilla anserina , L. Potentilla tormentilla, Potentilla reptans

Rosaceae : Rose family

Other varieties: Tall cinquefoil (P. arguta), (P. reptans), and dwarf cinquefoil (P. canadensis).

Common Names :

Crampweed,  Fan-pai-ts'ao, Five fingered grass, Five-leaf grass ,Five-leaf, Five-fingers, Five-Finger Blossom, synkefoyleGoosegrass , Goose tansy , Moor grass, Rough-fruited Silverweed, Silver cinquefoil, Potentilla , Biscuits.Flesh and BloodShepherd's Knot Sunkfield



Cinquefoil was used as a laxativeby Paiutes;cook the whole plant which looks silvery and silky.

In ancient China, this herb was used in magic, for casting spells and as a love-divining herb.

 Cinquefoil gets its name from an Old French word meaning "five-leaf."

The Latin name Potentilla refers to its medicinal potency.

Medieval knights vied to emblazon cinquefoil's five-fingered leaf, symbol of the five senses of man, on their shields, because the right to it as  heraldic logos was given only to those who achieved self-mastery.

Witches were said to be afraid of it*,though it was used  in love potions and divinations.The root was used for red dye. Fishermen added it to their nets to bring in heavier catches.

Cinquefoil's medicinal value was recognized by a Greek naturalist and student of Aristotle's, Theophrastus, who was the first to describe it.



minerals (calcium, iron, sulfate,tannins , resins , starches , glycine , tormentol,choline,amino acids, magnesium, potassium, silica, sodium),vitamin C, bioflavonoids


Antispasmodic,astringent,anti-inflammatory,diarrhea, diuretic , pain of menstruation, abdominal cramps dysentery , tonic , red pigment , also makes a red dye.

external astringent for: skin problems,jaundice, malaria, cystitis,palsy, shingles, itch, sciatica, gout,rheumatism, arthritis, quinsey, epilepsy,toothache, bleeding gums, mouthwash, fever, and throat sores, hoarseness,cough, ague, colds, flu, canker sores.Styptic: When added to bath water, it will stop bleeding from piles, boils, ulcers, sores, and wounds.

An all-purpose magickal herb , incense. An excellent detoxifying plant, it helps addicts wean themselves from alkaloids such as nicotine and cocaine


"Its ability to cure fevers has been found to be questionable as the result of pharmacological investigation....

...Cinquefoil can be used without fear for extended treatments lasting 1 or 2 consecutive months by combining it with other plants richer in chlorophyll, such as plantain, and richer in vitamin C, such as watercress and common sorrel. This allows an increase in the amount of Minerals and tannins that are absorbed."




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