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Salad Days


Aztec Sweet HerbI like a particular herb, which can be adapted to Canadian soil to be used either for its attractiveness in planters, or actually for cuisine or medicine. Aztec Sweet Herb is 1,000 to 1,500 times sweeter than sugar, yet it does not contribute to tooth decay.

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Januarys' column (2014) is all about dental self- care; what pages in Northdays show you herbs that improve your dental health?
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The navigation bar on the left has a new section called "Dental Health". On the dropdown, a button is titled "Interest". Link through this to a page, which is called Natural Dental about some natural dental health recipes and ideas.
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Having been a life long fan of chocolate, and that's of all kinds - the savour, scents, softening qualities - I am overwhelmed by the wealth of glad tidings concerning the healthful aspects of cacao.

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Coffee and Chocolate

So Much Good News About Coffee!

Medical researchers have given us a new way to view one of our favourite beverages.

French Canadian Vegetarian Tourtiere

My column for early Winter of 2013 contains variations upon the winter comfort food of Canadians: tourtiere recipes.
Tourtiere is a meat pie traditionally made with herbs, pork, or beef and venison. I happen to like meatless cuisine, and in my article I describe why eating this way occured to me at all.As well, I discovered that I could really enjoy veggie soya products in quite classy formats.

My Gift to You

I decided to make a few gifts for people who use this site, Herbs by Northdays Image.
Link to a download page for each of these wallpaper images (shown below).
Happy Holidays, Everyone!.

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